C É L I N E  V A N  T O N G E R E N





Strange Fruit, performed by Billie Holiday, is the song I chose as the subject for this collection.


I began to focus on the lyrics and in particular on the melancholy of the song which really inspired me.


I also started watching the clip over and over in which Billie Holiday performs the song. In this video not only do you feel the heavy load of the song, you can also see the pain and the emotion that is written on her face while she is singing the words. The subject of the song is very close to her, but because she looks classy and elegant, she disassociates herself from her subject.


I translated this by the use of steel wool. From a distance you could look at it and mistake it for a luxurious non-woven, wool or even fur, but when you approach the material and touch it, you see that it is not what it appears to be.

Just like the fruit in the song is not real fruit.


Model: Cézanne Baijer

Photographer: Carlijn van Tankeren

C É L I N E  V A N  T O N G E R E N